What is Condo Gold?

Why Do I Need Condo Unit Insurance?

The obligations to provide insurance, on the part of the Condominium Corporation and on the part of the individual unit owner, can be quite different depending on the building and the standard unit as defined.

There is an increasing complexity of condominium insurance issues and financial obligations unit owners may have to the corporation in the event of insurable loss. Not only is it very important for unit owners to obtain proper coverage to protect their own personal assets and personal liabilities, it is also vital to protect themselves from the financial loss that may be obligated to pay to the Condominium Corporation in an insurable loss situation.

Atrens-Counsel recognizes that every unit owner may have individual insurance needs. Let an Atrens-Counsel insurance expert tailor your unit owner’s policy under the Condo Gold Proposition with one of the market-leading insurers in condominiums.

Let the Condo Gold Proposition provide you with the options and coverage specific to your needs.

The Condo Gold Proposition
Customizing your Condominium Unit Owner’s policy to dovetail with your Condo Corporation’s insurance program.
  • Addressing the Standard Unit and Insurance Deductible By-laws.
  • Higher Limits for Deductible Charge-back Coverage
  • Loss Assessments - Property and Liability
  • Additional Living Costs
  • Broad Form Water Coverage Where Available

Step 1:
Start by calling an Atrens-Counsel Broker for a free consultation

Step 2:
Identify your current exposures and how Atrens-Counsel can help you meet your unique coverage needs

Step 3:
Proceed with a new policy that is just right for you